Integrate JET with jQuery UI

In Oracle JET we have a lot of components and we can create composite components.
But sometimes we need integrate components of the third-party libraries. In this post I explain how to integrate jQueryUI to use the components of this library.

  • Add jQueryUI library
    • ‘jqueryui’: ‘libs/jquery-ui-1.12.0/jquery-ui’
  • Add ‘jqueryui’ in require section of main.js
  • Add jQueryUI CSS in index.html
	<link rel="stylesheet" href=" //"/>
  • Add jQueryUI component in your view section html
<div data-bind="jqueryUI: {component: 'datepicker', onSelect: dateSelector}">

Note: For this post I used jQueryUI 1.12 and JET 2.1.0