Export excel with more 65K rows in ADF

When you work with a hugh number of rows with the af:exportCollectionActionListener you have a limitation about the number of rows.

This limitation is because file format.(xls). It is the maximum number of rows for the Excel 97-2003 . With xlsx format the maximum is 1M

As workaround you can build a custom export with POI or use ADF DI, a good option that I wrote about it time ago and the product has a good evolution

Frozen columns in table

The last week someone asked on the OTN forum how to freeze some columns in a af:table.

If you have a af:table inside a af:panelcollection you have a freeze property, but this one is managed by the user.

Another way it’s make use of frozen property in af:cloumns. In this way we can configure the frozen columns based in our rules by code.

Here you can see a sample with two first columns frozen frozencolums

Filter results in adf table

Another day someone in the OTN forum asked how to clean the resutls in a af:table.
We can do it with code, working withe the ViewCriterias of the ViewObject, but also we can add a hide funcionality in the af:table.

If we add a new column with the property rowHeader a true, our table will have a new column with a button to clean the filter in the tables
Like the below image


Seleccionar varias filas en una tabla multiseleccion

Como seleccionar o marcar como seleccionadas varias filas en una tabla multiseleccion, mediante código a traves de setSelectedRowKeys del objeto RichTable, al cual le debemos pasar una lista de las keys seleccionadas RowKeySet .

public String select_action() {
   RowKeySet rks = new RowKeySetImpl();
   CollectionModel model = (CollectionModel)tabla.getValue();
   Object key = model.getRowKey();
   key = model.getRowKey();
   return null;

Updating table column type after create a LOV

Sometimes we define a LOV in a View attribute but the table is already in the  jspx.

We can edit table columns for update to the new component.

First of all. We go to Datacontrols Panel and click refresh icon. Then we select the component table in Structure Panel, now go to the Property Inspector and click a pencil icon.(Edit table column wizard´s opens)

Now we should see the new LOV Type in the combo of the  Componente to Use column!