Export excel with more 65K rows in ADF

When you work with a hugh number of rows with the af:exportCollectionActionListener you have a limitation about the number of rows.

This limitation is because file format.(xls). It is the maximum number of rows for the Excel 97-2003 . With xlsx format the maximum is 1M

As workaround you can build a custom export with POI or use ADF DI, a good option that I wrote about it time ago and the product has a good evolution

Color lines in ADF charts

If you want change the color of lines in a dvt:lineChart because you don’t like the default colors of each chartDataItem. You can use a chartSeriesStyle inside seriesStamp.

I show a example below

       <dvt:lineChart id="lc1" var="row" value="#{bindings.vo.collectionModel}"
contentDelivery="immediate" styleClass="AFStretchWidth" zoomAndScroll="live"
dataSelection="single" title="demo">
<f:facet name="dataStamp">
<af:group id="g1">
<dvt:chartDataItem id="di1" value="#{row.value1}" group="#{row.group}" series="custom1"/>
<dvt:chartDataItem id="di2" value="#{row.value2}" group="#{row.group}" series="custom2" />

<f:facet name="seriesStamp">
<af:group id="g2">
<dvt:chartSeriesStyle id="css2" series="custom1" color="#ff2121" lineStyle="solid" />
<dvt:chartSeriesStyle id="css3" series="custom2" color="#f2c779" lineStyle="solid"/>

Frozen columns in table

The last week someone asked on the OTN forum how to freeze some columns in a af:table.

If you have a af:table inside a af:panelcollection you have a freeze property, but this one is managed by the user.

Another way it’s make use of frozen property in af:cloumns. In this way we can configure the frozen columns based in our rules by code.

Here you can see a sample with two first columns frozen frozencolums

ADF with WebSockets Tips.

In these days everybody talk about the WebSokects  integration with ADF.
In this post I will give some advices about this integration.

  • You can use WebSockets in combination with Database Change Notification(DCN)
    • In this case remember you need a grant grant change notification to hr
  • In DCN You need to explicitly unregister a registration to delete it from the server and release the resources in the driver. You can unregister a registration using a connection different from one that was used for creating it
  • With DCN you could have problem with some column types.
    • ORA-29977: Unsupported column type for query registration in guaranteed mode
    • Check if in your query you have a blob,clob or xmlType column
  • Websockets have a default timeout in 30s
  • WebSocketAdapter now is deprecated, here you have oficial doc to build WebSockets in weblogic.

With WebSockets you can build something like that



LOV with create option

Sometime clients demands this feaute and I think is unknown funcionality

The LOV component  have a property called CreatePopupId where  you can indicate the popup that will use for create new rows.

Then above of the  table result appear a buton to open the new popup to create rows.

Extra Links:


MongoDB and ADF

This week I have been learning MongoDb and I’m looking for some ways to connect MongoDB with ADF Faces.
We can use Bean or EJB DataControl.
Another way could be https://spring.io/guides/gs/accessing-data-mongodb/ in combination with ADF Faces

Here there are another way http://weblog.singhpora.com/2013/12/adf-ui-with-mongodb-for-persistence.html

And remember that in Oracle you have another No SQL database http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/nosqldb/downloads/default-495311.html

ADF 12c. It´s time to migrate to 12c

The last release of ADF 12.2.1 has a lot of improvments and news.I think now we have a stable release and is time to migrate o to begin a new project.

  • JDK8
  • JSF2.2
  • A lot of new Components
  • GIT Integration
  • Maven Integration with online maven repository
  • Support to REST Datacontrols
  • New Alta Skin
  • Explore Dependencies,af:target,…

Oracle Applications Cloud User Experience Rapid Development Kit

The Oracle Applications Cloud User Experience Rapid Development Kit (RDK) is Development Kit with a set of funcionalities to build application with a oracle cloud style and modern look and feel.

innovation-165  RDK is a set of free resources that will help you learn faster, design simpler and build better.

Is a good tool to learn how to build user friendly applications and get ideas

Isn’t necessary deploy this aplications in cloud, you can use this guidelines for your stand alone applications

Install FMW Test environment

  1. install OEL.
  2. install JDK
    • rpm -ivh jdkname.rpm
  3. install JDeveloper
    • before install JDev
      • yum install glibc.i686
      • yum install libXtst-devel libXrender-devel kernel-devel libXtst-devel.i686
    • chmod +x jdevname.bin
  4. install oracle XE
  5. install WLS
    • $ unzip fmw_12.
    • $ $JAVA_HOME/bin/java -jar fmw_12.
  6. Rcu for ADF development
    • $ORACLE_HOME/oracle_common/bin/rcu
  7. Create domain
    • $ORACLE_HOME/oracle_common/common/bin/config.sh
    • check Oracle JRF