Custom UIShell: Close Tabs to the Right

Add a similar functionality to Firefox or other common browsers “Close Tabs to the Right” through right click in your uishell pattern or alternative uishell. I use this last

<af:commandMenuItem id="cm43" text="Close Tabs to the Right"
  <af:setPropertyListener from="#{source.attributes.menuInvokedOnTab}"
public void closeAllRight(ActionEvent action) {
   List<String> tabsToRemove = new ArrayList();
   for(int poss=getActiveTabList().indexOf(getTab( getMenuInvokedOnTab()))+1 ; poss <getActiveTabList().size() ; poss++) {
   for (String t : tabsToRemove) {

FootNotes: This post is based on adf-11g-adding-close-this-close-others.html


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