ADF Desktop Integration

This week I made a PoC about ADF Desktop Integration.

And I think that it is a great tool to work in combination with excel program and your ADF Fusion App.

These are some features of this product. You can:

  • make CRUD operations through excel File
  • include validation rules from ADF Application in a excel file
  • customize the style of excel files
  • Put Readonly columns
  • Get LOVs from ADF application and put them inside excel.
  • Limit the number of rows in excel
  • Secure the excel file
  • Move Columns (the order is not important!)
  • Avoid conflicts between user sessions
  • Pass parameters from ADF application to excel
  • work in off-line mode

And here are some the advantages that are highlighted in the official document:

  • Providing end users access to data and functionality hosted by a Fusion web application through a desktop interface (Microsoft Excel) that may be more familiar to them.
  • Bulk entry and update of data may be easier to accomplish through a spreadsheet-style interface.
  • End users can use native Excel features such as macros and calculation.

Above you can see the adf components that you can use inside excel


I think it is a good alternative to the traditional way we work with excel in our applications.

Check out the official web:


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