Dynamic dataSource in af:query

If you need a search region that depends about something the user must point to differents database schemas, there are several options.Here I explain two

You can do a envInfoProvider implementation

And if you need a more simple solution, you can define, in design time, the two DataControl and redirect one of them in your bean code

 <iterator Binds=”YourView” RangeSize=”25″ DataControl=”#{yourBean.dataControl}” id=”YourViewIterator”/>

JDeveloper is out.

A month ago that JDeveloper is out.

And came with a many bugs fixed and  many ADF new features.

I highlight some:

1. Many ADF DVT Components
2. New ADF deck component for carousel transactions
3. Client side CSS rules as @fontface
4. groovy support in debug mode and groovy in the UIhints
5. Support ADF DI in Windows 8 and new components and properties in this product

12c already has a year of life and every time is a more stable version and is a good choice for our projects. And comes with the last version of SOA, ADF and Mobile Application Framework

More info:1213nf-2222743.html

Custom UIShell: Close Tabs to the Right

Add a similar functionality to Firefox or other common browsers “Close Tabs to the Right” through right click in your uishell pattern or alternative uishell. I use this last

<af:commandMenuItem id="cm43" text="Close Tabs to the Right"
  <af:setPropertyListener from="#{source.attributes.menuInvokedOnTab}"
public void closeAllRight(ActionEvent action) {
   List<String> tabsToRemove = new ArrayList();
   for(int poss=getActiveTabList().indexOf(getTab( getMenuInvokedOnTab()))+1 ; poss <getActiveTabList().size() ; poss++) {
   for (String t : tabsToRemove) {

FootNotes: This post is based on adf-11g-adding-close-this-close-others.html

ADF Desktop Integration

This week I made a PoC about ADF Desktop Integration.

And I think that it is a great tool to work in combination with excel program and your ADF Fusion App.

These are some features of this product. You can:

  • make CRUD operations through excel File
  • include validation rules from ADF Application in a excel file
  • customize the style of excel files
  • Put Readonly columns
  • Get LOVs from ADF application and put them inside excel.
  • Limit the number of rows in excel
  • Secure the excel file
  • Move Columns (the order is not important!)
  • Avoid conflicts between user sessions
  • Pass parameters from ADF application to excel
  • work in off-line mode

And here are some the advantages that are highlighted in the official document:

  • Providing end users access to data and functionality hosted by a Fusion web application through a desktop interface (Microsoft Excel) that may be more familiar to them.
  • Bulk entry and update of data may be easier to accomplish through a spreadsheet-style interface.
  • End users can use native Excel features such as macros and calculation.

Above you can see the adf components that you can use inside excel


I think it is a good alternative to the traditional way we work with excel in our applications.

Check out the official web:http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/adf/overview/index-085534.html


Refresh region with poll

If you have a region in your fragment, in the polllistener method, you can refresh a región with refresh method and then you make a partialtarget in the component that envolves a region


But remember put Refresh=”ifNeeded” in the taskFlow of this region

Three ADF´s versions…which choose?

Now we have a three versions of ADF product.

Here I write some keys so that you may make a better choice

  • R1: the ADF with SOA ,BI and Webcenter complements
  • R2: the version with JSF 2 and ADF improvements and ADF Mobile
  • 12c: the version support for an corresponding new Fusion Middleware release 12.1.2 with cloud support

And now if you have a JDeveloper version, ¿which is my version of weblogic?